One of the businesses based at the “Gates @ Elaleni” is Therapi, A physio practice run by Yugeshree Naidoo.
Yugeshree is literally part of the family, she is partner to one of the developers of North Global Group and will be building on the estate. Yugeshree said a couple of words at the opening of the gates that really touched into why she is basing her business out of this stunning building.


” Good evening and hello, I am Yugeshree, mom to Mirco and wife of Ingo. Just over six months ago, I decided to sell my physio practice of 20 years. The decision was bittersweet and a culmination of a series of events. One of which was wanting to practice closer to home and in a more secure environment. 
I was presented with the opportunity to run a Practice at the Gates, the timing I felt was perfect. My previous practice was community based and I simply fell in love with idea of being able to work where you live and once again being able to nurture and grow my practice within a community 

So why choose to run a practice here….

Elaleni, became endeared to me long before any earthworks had even begun. 

We would come here as a family on a Sunday afternoon and have a quite walkabout. 

It was during this time, that I began appreciate this little oasis of serenity hidden here. 

If you have ever been down to the forest club house, you can relate to what a precious commodity Elaleni has.

There is a stillness of presence that is almost tangible. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that my happy place is in nature, so to run a practice here was a no brainer. 

Our vision, is to have a place where people can heal from within, to bring to this community not just Physiotherapy, but  also other disciplines from Pilates to yoga, meditation to kinesiology and all services aligned with Wellness and healthy living. 

I am excited on this new chapter and l am looking forward to being part of the process to grow together as a community 

Thank you ” 

– Yugeshree Naidoo

Therapi – Physiotherapy

Yugeshree Naidoo, Physiotherapy adopts a holistic approach to healing. Understanding the needs of the community is paramount, and as such we aim to offer innovative therapy. Commit to interact with integrity. Treat our patients with respect, focusing on person centered care.

Physiotherapy Services:

Massage Therapy

Dry Needling

Kinesio Taping

Ultrasound Therapy Interferential Therapy

Laser Therapy

Home visits

Yugeshree Naidoo, grew up in Tongaat, and went to University in Durban, Westville. Having always wanting to pursue a career in Physiotherapy she qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1997. She went into private practice two years later. Eager to share her knowledge and skills she worked concurrently as a clinical supervisor of Physiotherapy students completing their community block. She did a short stint in UK returning to SA to continue at the helm of her private practice. With her roots firmly entrenched in the Ballito community since more than 15 years she has made the move to practice closer to home.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0839532524


Address: Unit 2 The Gates @ Elaleni Sheffield Beach