As you stroll through the Elaleni Swamp Fig Forest you will be blown away by the amazing biodiversity the forest boasts. Last weekend one of our homeowners enjoyed a great sighting of a Palm Nut Vulture while on a walk to the bottom dams within the forest.

The Palm Nut Vulture, although vulture-like in its appearance, is in fact primarily a herbivore. Not surprisingly, it is named after its favourite fruit, the Palm Nut. These birds love to feed on a variety of palm nut species like Raffia Palms, as the nuts are rich, oily and meaty. The bird will spend time hanging below, or underneath the fruit on the tree which it then plucks off the stem with its beak and holds in its feet to feed on. 
The Palm Nut Vulture is most comfortable around areas where Palm fruits are abundant, and they build their nests in the trees where they feed. Characterised by garish red skin around its eyes and face, a hooked beak and plumage pattern, the bird stands at an average height of 60 cm with a wingspan of up to 150 cm depending on the age of the bird.
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