On Friday evening the entrance into Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate was officially launched with the “Gates @ Elaleni” Office Park Opening.
Director of North Global Group and Developers of this bespoke office park, Wesley Bench-Capon addressed guests at the opening function with the following words of passion and commitment to the estate.

” Good evening and thank you for joining us tonight on this very special and significant event, the official opening of THE GATES. 5 years ago Ingo and I had a dream to create an estate that is secure, unique/ different, creative, and so special that only the final product could express exactly an intention.

The culmination of these dreams was the collaboration of design and creativity to produce what the GATES is today

This dream is a design that embraced; raw material, beautiful landscapes, clean lines and the tranquility of water and most importantly that of sustainability, and to challenge and make good the demands man and our society has had on climate change, all of which was influenced directly from the preserving of our site which contained the clues to this design from the preserving of our swamp fig forest to dams and the abundance of vegetation.

We wanted this building to house a real sense of community that we could embrace, interact, socialize and work together, as well as have social spaces to enjoy with our families and friends in a multi generational environment, where we get to work, live and play together.

With these intentions we set about the creative design with Lucas Uys and Ryan Harborth and arrived with a design that is certainly a first of its kind, it has already been documented in many journals and will certainly head towards design awards.

The arrival crosses a cause way of water that calms your senses as you pass a display of a personal collection of Bonzai’s to invite you through a secure arrival into Lush gardens and our piece of paradise. The raw materials of clean off shutter concrete and vernacularly sourced stone are bold and yet subtle and speak a language of a secure arrival, the use of timber screening alludes to the treasures of the fig forest inside.

The Gates was our commitment to our community of purchasers and was displayed on all marketing material as the benchmark of design, and this is what is delivered. The significance of this building is, it is a testament of our commitment to design, the estate and to our community and sends a preview to what you will find inside the estate

We feel privileged that our colleagues, friends, Elaleni residents and family have embraced these ideas, and believed in us to deliver such a product, the building is home to Coalition, partners of Mainstream and developers of the equally bespoke Lush development, Ingo’s wife Yugeshree from Therapi, U3, who are Elaleni land owners co developers of Lush and other freehold sites, the home owners association along with the developer North Global all working and collaborating together as well as our latest edition The HIDE our very own coffee shop where we would love to see residents engaging with all the various offerings in this building

I thank you for joining us this evening and look forward to sharing and enjoying THE GATES together. Thank You! ”

– Wesley Bench-Capon

Opening Ceremony Highlights