Off-Grid Living


Sustainability is the principal culture at Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate. With preservation of the precious environment at the forefront of the development philosophy, Elaleni is committed to achieving an optimal Green Star SA rating. This is a tool implemented by The Green Building Council of SA, an organisation that recognises and rewards environmental leadership.

A carefully planned development, Elaleni will encourage energy efficiency and environmentally respectful architectural design, which will be emphasised through the prescribed guidelines.

Solar energy will be harnessed easily through the North facing orientation of homes, designed to maximise sunlight and power passive energy sources, while the use of natural materials and reusable waste will ensure a sustainable lifestyle. An off-grid friendly lifestyle means that homes will be free from traditional energy sources and will integrate solar power, battery packs, grey water treatment, harvested rainwater systems, and waste recycling. Although the entire estate will have access to municipal services, Elaleni will promote natural water and energy solutions.

Grey Water Filtration

Water Harvesting

Solar Energy

Waste Recycling