We have recently revealed who our appointed architects are for Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate. Once transfer has taken place, our homeowners are able to work with one of the following architects to ensure their home is fitted with their site, the nature surrounding them and the exquisite views of nature.


Bloc Architects

With more than 30 years’ experience in the business, and over 1000 built works, with award winning contemporary technological driven design; Bloc Architects was an obvious selection for our professional panel. Their architecture has an integral role to play in global environmental issues and through well-researched practical responses can form a sustainable architecture that is well adapted to its surroundings.


Design Workshop

Boasting 20 years in architecture, and 6 SAIA Awards of Excellence, Design Workshop sees nature as the most efficient and effective system there is. They have been behind some definitive architectural projects throughout South Africa, such as the urban intervention project of Warwick Junction in Durban, Singita Lebombo in Kruger National Park, and 4-bedroom private beach house that was awarded an SAIA in 2002.


Joy Brasler Architects

Joy Brasler is a well-known name within the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Having designed a Cape cod-style beachfront mansion. She is conscious of the environment and how to save energy in the design of your home. In a recent interview with Garden and Home, Joy Brasler shares “Any newly constructed or altered home today is required to have some form of alternative energy system of water heating and, similarly, heating and cooling control via glazing. I think this is the next ‘frontier’ of the savvy home buyer: solar panels, heat pumps and rain water catchment or, in my opinion, the ultimate being entirely off the grid.”