As we get closer to transferring to our first homeowners within Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate, we think it best we introduce you to more of our professional teams who will invariably transform your now empty spaces into your dream home. For some, imagining the transformation can be difficult, however our team of architects and professionals will help guide you through the process, and ensure you have a beautiful ‘green’ home.


Last month we introduced you to our appointed architects, and this month we share the two approved electrical engineers, who will be able to assist you in solar and energy efficient solutions; Rawlins Wales KwaZulu-Natal (Pty) Ltd and JCF Engineers and Services (Pty) Ltd.


Both of these companies have years of experience behind them and ensure quality workmanship, tailor-made designs to specific needs and budgets, as well as having an understanding of energy efficient solutions. Their services will work best for the Elaleni environment, ensuring we maintain a green standard of living for everyone.


For any of our residents who would prefer to use a professional that has not been appointed by Elaleni, must keep in mind that any other architects, contractors, electrical engineers and professionals will need to be approved and registered through the Home Owners’ Association.