Elaleni has partnered with renowned North Coast homeopath Dr Wayne Saul, in an effort to share some of his amazing knowledge and experience with our Elaleni Community. Wayne is going to share some special insights into why he chose to invest in Elaleni as well as some tips on health and wellness in this time. 

Dr Wayne Saul

Dr Wayne Saul

About the writer – Dr Wayne Saul 

Wayne is a homeopath and has been in private practice on the North Coast for the past 15 years. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Homeopathy from the Durban University of Technology in 2005. While his practice deals with most areas across medicine his main areas of interest include immune health and allergies, lifestyle guidance and nutrition, as well as mental and emotional health. Wayne has a love for nature and is passionate about reviving our connection with it. When not in his busy practice Wayne enjoys spending time outdoors, whether it be relaxing in nature, or representing North Coast Tennis Club (at UCC) in KZN’s 1st division tennis league. He also enjoys quality time with his family and partner Elsbeth.

Edition 1 – Health and Wellness by Wayne Saul – Making Hay while the Sun Still Shines

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing up a few tips on how to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, as well as hopefully broadening our appreciation for the beauty and benefits we find in nature.
While being grateful for having more time on my hands lately (from sorting through years of accumulative clutter to fixing that broken something; to turning up flower beds and lawn, perhaps for the substitute of a good workout, to picking up from where I left off on that once interesting read; then back to more valuable time with my family) I can’t help wanting to derail from it all… not my own activities but from the noise outside: that daily jarring of irrational madness currently gripping the world and all its decision makers. There may be as great a sabotage on our emotional well-being as there is on our livelihoods while the extent of physical threat remains in question. I’m not here to debate this but it is something we all need to think about. Nevertheless we are living through daunting times, and the need to surrender the worrier and thinker in me just for a short while has the possibility of doing me some good.


Many of us fortunate enough may be resorting to movies and art, meditation and books, or playtime with our kids. But what else constitutes healthy escapism? After all, our health may be as important now than ever. And perhaps it’s not a bad time to grow a little within ourselves instead of flitter away our time.


Keep safe and keep healthy. 


– Wayne Saul