Each month we are seeing tremendous results, despite the heavy rains and winds KwaZulu-Natal has experienced of late; construction continues to push through. Seeing the progress take place, the vision being realised and the knowledge that land transfer is on the horizon; makes for a very thrilling time at Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate.


To date, our security Betafencing has officially been completed; our site is fully fenced and is set to be electrified by the end of the month. Additionally, the entrance of Elaleni is under construction, however the new entrance road is nearly complete. The construction of our recently launched offices, The Gates @Elaleni, is still underway and forms part of the main entrance. It is vital that we complete this as soon as possible, before any homes are complete.


We look forward to sharing our construction highlights with you in the months to follow, as certain projects reach completion and new ones start. Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate is a unique offering and every element we are creating has been thoughtfully incorporated into the design.