Freehold Stands

A holistic estate, Elaleni will maintain equilibrium with nature, replacing whatever is removed. Wood, stone and glass will be transformed into strikingly elegant buildings, allowing them to recede into the forest. With a strong environmental conscience, the architectural language seeks to create a harmonious form responding to the land, the neighbour’s house, vegetation, views, energy conservation and climate.

The sinuous home designs will gently course around central courtyards, moving fluidly between the forest and homes. Homes will either be immersed within the restorative forest, facing the welcoming Indian Ocean or overlooking the expansive canopies towards the sea.

Focused on the family, which forms part of the larger, harmonious community, every design detail at Elaleni has been tailored towards an outdoor, fun-loving lifestyle. Wide, meandering roads will flow into the villages, shifting in texture to create a unique spacial identity echoed by the individual architecture. Here, children are encouraged to play freely in a secure, open-air environment. At Elaleni, animals are considered a vital part of the family which is why pets are welcome on The Estate.