As you drive from the Gatehouse through to your home, you will be greeted by an intriguing and intricate structure on the central circle. Designed by Lucas Uys, founder and Owner of Uys & White Landscape Architects, the Eternal Forest Circle stands proudly against the verdant vista of Elaleni. More than just aesthetically-unique, the sculpture pays homage to the broader vision of Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate and its natural vegetation.

The sculpture represents the different tree life cycles in the forest and nature. Uys explains his inspiration for this unique spectacle, “The rings of the sculpture will be all planted with the raised two circles with a mix combination of pioneer and climax plants to fill the circles with colour paying homage to the forest. The main inspiration is led by the succession of the trees in the surrounding landscape. Like human lifecycles, the different tree species have different lifecycles and these lifecycles interact with the neighbouring trees and so they influence one another, therefore the 3 interacting rings of the sculpture are set in balance with one another which echoes the delicate balance found in nature.”

The sculpture goes deeper than aesthetics and is designed to promote succession with a series of solar photovoltaic panels to generate power for the landscape and for lighting up the area. The bottom of the sculpture will feature Pork Bush or Spekboom, which is a plant that yields the highest Carbon Oxygen exchange per mass.

“The Eternal Forest Circle represents the life cycles of the different trees in the forest, and is designed to encourage the residents, and children, to interact with it making the sculpture become part of the estate’s landscape as opposed to being in conflict with it, representative of living as one with nature.” Uys ends.